Kentucky Recycling Industry Profile- May 2007

Recycling is hot these days not only in Kentucky but across the nation as well. Concerns over global warming and rising energy costs are pushing science and industry to develop new and more efficient ways to make current or more innovative products at less cost. One of the most promising ways to reduce overall production and energy costs is to increase the rate of recycling materials. This profile will focus on two areas relevant to recycling. The first area of focus is materials, specifically aluminum, steel and plastics. In 2004, these three industries accounted for 57,351 Kentucky jobs and nearly $2.2 billion in payroll for an average annual wage of $37,555 (See table 8). The second area of focus is electronic recycling, including everything from circuit boards to batteries to the cathode ray tube (CRT) in computer monitors. There will be some cross over in these two areas because plastic is a large part of most modern electronic devices.


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