Yes We Can! Lexington Campaign for Aluminum Recycling wins award


November 15, 2006


The City of Lexington along with the University of Kentucky, Fayette County Public Schools, Secat Inc., Sloan Industry Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry and other members of the Bluegrass Partnership for a Green Community recently participated in the 2006 U.S. Conference of Mayors’ City Recycling Challenge.  This contest, which began on September 15 and ended September 30, challenged cities across the country to collect and recycle aluminum beverage cans.  The theme for this contest in Lexington was Yes We Can! 



The U.S. Conference of Mayors announced today that our community will receive a $5,000 award for winning the Most Innovative Ideas category!  This award is given to the community having the most innovative ideas to promote aluminum can beverage recycling during the contest.  Lexington competed in the category of cities having a population of 250,000 or more, so we competed against some of the larger cities in the nation.  The announcement was made today since November 15 is America Recycles Day- a day that promotes the social, environmental, and economic benefits of recycling.   


We are also pleased to announce over 105,000 pounds of aluminum beverage cans were collected in Fayette County for recycling during this two-week contest!   This is equal to approximately 3,780,000 cans. This includes cans collected at the curb as well as cans dropped off at the LFUCG Recycling Center, Wise Recycling and Baker Iron and Metal. 


Additionally, the money paid by vendors for the aluminum cans collected and processed through the LFUCG Recycling Center at 360 Thompson Road is used to help fund local solid waste programs.  During the contest 44,000 pounds of aluminum cans (1,584,000 cans) were collected and processed through the LFUCG Recycling Center- the amount collected at the LFUCG Recycling Center increased by 4,000 pounds during the contest period compared to the prior two weeks.  The $33,000 obtained from sales of the cans processed through the LFUCG Recycling Center during the contest will be used to help fund local recycling efforts in Lexington. 


We would like to extend our thanks to all the Fayette County citizens, employees, and students who worked to make the contest a success and we hope that you will keep up your recycling efforts and make plans to participate in the 2007 US Conference of Mayors’ City Recycling Challenge next September.      


Please contact Steve Feese with the Division of Solid Waste at 509-1783 for more information.