The College of Engineering’s Center for Aluminum Technology was established in September 1999 as a multidisciplinary center providing research and educational services to the aluminum industry in the United States. Aluminum industry leaders, local officials, the University of Kentucky, and the Kentucky Economic Development Cabinet collaborated to form the nation’s only aluminum research laboratory supported by such a partnership. One of the ways that the research and educational services are delivered to the Aluminum industry is through Secat, Inc.

The Center supports and conducts research and development, provides technical assistance to the aluminum industry, assists with training and retaining an educated workforce, and promotes and participates in the expanding use of aluminum. The Center provides research opportunities for the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, along with non-degree students from community colleges and technical schools.

Affiliated with the Center are researchers from a variety of disciplines, including materials engineering, chemical engineering, mathematics, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering. The Center is funded through two sources: an endowment established with private contributions from the aluminum industry and matching support from Kentucky’s Research Challenge Trust Fund, and with state and federal grants.